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February 2017

We are extremely excited to announce that we are partnering with Grief Encounter, one of the UK’s leading childhood bereavement charities, to increase support for bereaved children and young people here in Bristol.

After lengthy evaluation of our services, we have been exploring how best to develop our offer to children who have lost a parent. We feel joining forces with Grief Encounter will mean local families will have access to the best quality care plus a wider range of support options.

1 in 29 children in the UK will lose a parent by the time they reach 16 years old. This equates to one in every classroom.  As you know, we have been providing bereavement therapy to children and their families for over 30 years, however whilst The Rainbow Centre is currently only able to support 2% of bereaved children in our local area, working with Grief Encounter will mean that professional and innovative support can be available to more children, and their families, in Bristol.

Grief Encounter shares the same values as The Rainbow Centre for Children, so we’re confident our partnership will enable Rainbow to thrive and grow in the local area. Established in 2003 by Dr Shelley Gilbert MBE, Grief Encounter offers a wide range of services including individual one-to-one counselling, group workshops and family remembrance days; all of which are in line with The Rainbow Centre for Children’s portfolio of art and music therapy. Grief Encounter also provides best practice training for schools and professionals. The Grief Encounter at The Rainbow Centre programme will extend our current offering, including one-to-one counselling and selected family days.

Together, our main priority is to develop the services already offered in Bristol, accessing more families and giving more children and young people opportunities to grieve positively; supported by our team of professional counsellors. We will retain the reputation and environment already built by The Rainbow Centre, whilst bringing in Grief Encounter’s new and unique programmes.

We will continue to be based in Knowle at the house on Lilymead Avenue. Our families will see very little difference, however there will be positive changes in the range of help that families will have access to. Anyone who has made a donation or fundraised for us can also be assured that their money will continue to be used to provide therapy to bereaved families as it was intended.

Many thanks for your continued support, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like any further information regarding our partnership.